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Global solutions

Global Insurance Solution for International companies. Why choose Greenval?

Our Greenval Insurance team is working in cooperation with the Arval International Business Office (IBO) to support your insurance needs across borders.

While IBO will ensure a consistent approach to your fleet policy, sharing good practices where possible, Greenval will work to deliver a customized and compliant insurance offer that is adapted to your local and international needs.

Working with Greenval and Arval provides a range of advantages to an international business:

Benefit from the convenience of a single point of contact for your international fleet insurance offer, with direct presence in 17 countries and a strong insurance partner network across world.

Deliver a wide and strong insurance coverage for your international fleet, with tailored offers and local expertise. Greenval provides  cost efficient insurance solutions, including proactive accident management, where we can benefit from our preferred repair network. Greenval provides a complete solution for every incident with a 24/7 service for its international clients.

Greenval offers International reporting helping you to make informed decisions, review programme performance, etc. Format is tailored to client requirements in terms of format and frequency.

Innovative solutions incl. Telematics, photo expertise for claims, and Road safety programs helping you managing your insurance programs and associated risks.

Greenval works closely with the Arval IBO team to draw upon their experience and knowledge with more than 100 international customers and access to dedicated insurance expertise

The IBO team helps organisations to co-ordinate International customer’s vehicle fleets across multiple territories, and manage large international accounts with fleet sizes from 500 vehicles upwards.

Utilising the tools necessary for effective fleet and insurance monitoring, we understand the demands of international fleet management and can offer advice on policy and strategy.

A specialist team dedicated to large accounts

Trained in international project management

Multi lingual 

Expertise in negotiating with foreign service providers

Create progress plans for cost management and reduction

Access to international reporting tools for both fleet and insurance

A centralised quality management scheme

Over 100 international clients

Accounts in 39 countries worldwide

A managed fleet of over 150,000 vehicles

Wide range of insurance expertise and products.

Proficiency in claims management, road safety and risk management, but also financial, actuarial, legal and compliance.

About Greenval

Team of expert’s including actuarial, legal, risk, compliance, claims etc.

10 years experience

Trading directly in 17 countries with growing footprint across Europe; and working with well recognized partners.

Strong capital with security of BNP Paribas Group

Specialised in fleet insurance with unique relationship with Arval