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500,000 Insured vehicles and growing ~#100%Greenval

We are pleased to anounce we have reached the 500,000 threshold of insured vehicles at the end of August. As Olivier Mantoulan (MD Greenval Insurance) said recently,

"Today marks a very significant milestone, with Greenval providing insurance product to 500,000 vehicles;

This was always one of our key business objective , but to have reached this earlier than expected, and during difficult environment is by itself an achievement.

 Greenval would never have reached this milestone without the support and trust of many Arval entities that have been working with us, over the years.

In particular, we would like to mention the early adopters, (Arval FR, NL, PL, BE) , the strong relationship we have built with Arval IT,SP,PT,UK,DE, and not to forget our Scandies clients (SE, DK,FL& NO) and our new friends from Eastern Europe (RO,CZ,SLK,HU,RU)….

Thanks to the client countries for their support.

 On our way now to new targets…

#100%Greenval, #InsuringEV&Mobility, #Greatteam, #GreenvalBeyond"

Fronting - Slovakia

Greenval are pleased to announce that since the 1st Jan 2020 we have started cooperation with Allianz for MOD and TPL coverage in Slovakia. Greenval will reinsure the risk, with Allianz managing all the claims and policy administration. We would like to thank our colleagues in Arval Slovakia for their support with this project. From the 1st May, we re-insure the full Slovakian fleet of over 7,000 vehicles.

GAP Insurance - France

This new GAP (ASL) product is being sold as standalone insurance product to Arval clients (38K vehicles) that don’t have insurance cover with Greenval since Feb 2020. GAP insurance covers the difference between the market value and the written book value of the vehicle.  If the vehicle is deemed to be a write off, GAP insurance will cover the difference between the amount paid by the insurance company and outstanding finance owed on the insured vehicle.